I enjoy experiencing people, young to old, getting their life. If it's a minute flicker of inspiration, or a life changing, mind blowing epiphany that rockets them forward, my only goal is to inspire people who truly believe that there is room on this earth for every one to thrive.

I work with courageously vulnerable, passionate, heart centered people. My clients include people who have wished to change their money mindset, find new happy relationships, develop and enhance their positive mindset, increase their presence on stage, lose weight, and shift or push their career path.

With schools and businesses, I consult, educate and coach teams who wish to empower their inclusivity, understand more about the world of identity and social awareness, and embrace the benefits of colourful, diverse and rich tapestries of talent.


My body of work connects to, and is named after, Social Cohesion. A psychological term used to measure the workability and performance of people from varying different backgrounds. In light of the efforts made by Diversity and Inclusion work, I wanted to take another approach. Holding people fully accountable to acknowledging and working outside of their bias'. Educating people on the role they play in the lives of others, while inviting opportunity to fully empower self and others.

Who are you behind the roles you play? What does excelling in you life look like? What are you seeing through the glass ceiling of your own development?

The answer to all of these questions lies in you. Over the course of coaching, you give those answers life, make them real and excel beyond what you didn't know was possible.

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Schools, Colleges and Universities are increasing their awareness of social differences and identities. They are understanding that we are not all the same, and require that personal touch to a young person's development.

That personal touch is not just about how a face to face conversation will go, but how an entire culture can ultimately dictate the learning power, safety and development of a student.

A variety of options are available, from individual talks, to year long comprehensive consultation and coaching.

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How can a business know it is getting the best out of its employees? What systems does it have in place to ensure the safety and empowerment of every member of its team, including the team that are yet to be employed?

Having consulted, coached and spoken in a number of companies, there is a body of work that can be taken on assure the personal and social development of team to maximise the scope and potential of the business.

Whether it is a one of talk, a training day, or a long term commitment to developing a workplace that anyone and everyone can thrive in, there is a service here that can be a part of exponential, healthy and thriving growth for any business.


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Racism is a global pandemic. A belief that is both explicit and incredibly subtle. What this 3 week series of presentations goes over is the way racism has persisted in every day life over the last few centuries and what we can do about it individually and collectively.

It serves to offer insight into spotting, challenging and evolving through racist language, attitude and behaviour.

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