Social Cohesion in Business

The business case for Diversity and Inclusion holds some contention. From when the policy was introduced, businesses appeared to go in 2 different directions.


-Following the policy as a checkbox exercise, leaving them open to toxic, unhealthy work environments, lined with expensive rehiring processes and poorly executed marketing campaigns.

-Creating a culture and ethos that embraced difference, respected fresh ideas and thinking and built off the foundation of an ever evolving corporate world.

Guess which businesses grow easier?

Leaders are challenged not just to maintain and feed business growth, but feed the growth of an ever changing collective of staff and employees. This requires more than simply hiring off aesthetics, but operating from a deeper, more socially aware space.

Unconscious Bias talks can only take teams so far, and in some cases it has indeed been known to make matters worse, without also adding in the appropriate tools for people to respond accordingly to when their bias comes to the forefront.

What my Social Cohesion work does is facilitates a business' operational change through creating a culture of acceptance, safety, empowerment and growth from all the teams and its members.

This includes addressing systems in place, the cultural gaps in the company, and the day to day methods in which leaders set the standard and expectations of how the business runs, all to leave them with a greater vision of what the business can truly become.

The form below can help you address the gaps you see in the business, and perhaps create some new ideas to bring to the table that could improve processes.

If you are interested in discussing my services, allow me to share a menu of options you can choose from. Then feel free to contact me via the form on the home page.

A. A one off talk to staff and leaders in the business on Social Cohesion, unconscious bias awareness and social conditioning.

B. Workshops to staff and leaders in the business to inspire new methods, approaches and ideas that cultivate a safer more empowered workspace for all members of staff.

C. A deep consultative look at where the policies, systems and processes in the business stifle social cohesion, and 1-1 coaching with willing members to support personal development in key areas.

You may choose any combination of the above, and a conversation can confirm times and prices for the final service agreed.