Social Cohesion in Education

Diversity and Inclusion has played some powerful roles in the corporate world, reshaping systems, empowering employees and truly mixing the talent pool with a broader spectrum of fresh minds.

In schools and education, the playing field is very similar. Students and learners, being in sensitive and impressionable ages, are particularly vulnerable to the bias and conditioning from the adults in their lives.


How are staff managing diverse classrooms and school yards? How does the school manage the welfare of the students and the staff sense of belonging and safety? What happens when a learner or staff member experiences unfair treatment?

On top of these considerations, staff themselves require greater tools and processes to help them navigate the work to create a socially cohesive environment.

Performing this work leads towards greater retention rates, higher grade potential and better performance all round.

If you are interested in finding out more about this process, please download the form below to give you some idea of what could be addressed.

If you are looking to take on my services for your institution, there a different approaches I can take. Here is the menu of services I can offer from which you may choose.

A. A one of talk to staff/learners on Social Cohesion, unconscious bias training and social conditioning

B. A workshop for staff/learners to help create new systems, processes or actions to support Social Cohesion moving forward


C. Consultation with Senior Staff, Headmasters and Learner Representatives on a deeper look into the challenges, processes and cultures of the institution to address what changes could be made. As well as 1-1 Coaching for willing staff members.

These can be chosen in any combination, and through conversation, we can discuss times and prices.