Who am I?

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Simply put, I am Dan.

If the people in my life were to describe me, they'd say energetic, unforgettable and obnoxiously positive.

If I were to describe myself, I'd say all of the above, including passionate, adventurous and insatiably encouraging. The list does go on though...

There was a spark at an early age which was unhealthily fuelled during 15 years of working various jobs from serving tables to recycling to IT manager to Marketing Executive. This professional experience was seasoned with lashings of alcoholism and mild drug abuse. You could say it was all part of the concoction that sprouted the life I live now. 2 TEDx stages, speaking in countries all over Europe and performing to thousands in Qatar. Taking my talents across to New York and around the Mediterranean. Coaching vulnerable young adults, teachers, coaches, scientists and varying other professionals. It's been a good time.


Not without its challenges. My identity carried the rusted anchors that slowed my progression. Understanding who I was, why I was and what I was like learning a foreign language, by only using foreign language. I was churned and tumbled through a cycle of social conditioning that led me to believe I was someone I was not. Someone I really, REALLY did not want to be. Through coaching and therapy, I found the route to my own path, and once I hit it, I ran.

Now a successful professional coach, educator and consultant, I inspire people to find their own path so they too can run.

I love me. I love me so much that I want others to know what it truly feels like to love themselves. Personally, professionally, psychologically.